I used to have an overflowing desk draw that contained a  zip-up pouch full of my favourite pencils and pens, stencils, and worn-out erasers. Do you remember the smell of those jelly-like pencil holders that were supposed to correct the way you held it?

My handwriting has evolved through the years, from plump ‘a’s and ‘m’s that were in perfect symmetry, to a barely legible scrawl. I had more reason to write when I was younger though. Growing up without computers and the internet meant that you had to write everything. Letters to pen pals, calendar entries, secret diaries, love letters, and the movie schedule at the local cinema. I’ll never forget how excited I was to receive letters in the post box. I remember receiving a letter from a guy I had a crush on. I fell in love with his handwriting. It was half print, half cursive. Ever letter was perfect to me. I must have read that letter over 50 times. I wish I still had it. I don’t like hanging on to many things, but I wish I’d kept every letter that was written to me. I would look at them like I look at the photos from my antique self-winding camera – with nostalgia.


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